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Insights and analysis of the latest news and trends affecting the insurance and employee benefits industries

Drones and Their Recent Use in Natural Disasters

10 October 2017


Drones have been recently and exponentially employed to significant effect in several industry sectors. Following the miniaturisation of gyroscope, sensor and battery tech, the application of drones has expanded rapidly from the consumer market, and into various professional and public services.... Read more »

Myanmar: A Market Of Possibility

10 October 2017


The economic potential of Myanmar is showing increasingly positive promise. In September 2016, officials announced plans to further liberalise the Myanmar insurance market. The eagerly awaited new insurance legislation will attempt, according to local observers, to bring Myanmar as far into line with the rest of its ASEAN neighbours as possible.... Read more »

Cuba After Castro: Outlook for Reforms and Investment Insurance

12 September 2017


Cuba’s insular economy presents an unexploited opportunity for
the global (re)insurance industry, given its size and proximity
to major financial centers.
... Read more »

East European Tax Focus

01 September 2017

Eastern European Tax

Axco’s insurance tax specialists examine the different rates of tax multinational insurers would be subject to when conducting business within Eastern Europe. From 0% in the north to a considerable 18% in Kosovo; it certainly makes for interesting reading.... Read more »

Abandon hope if you neglect cyber security

31 August 2017

Cyber Security

Europe’s Lucifer heatwave grabbed headlines for hampering infrastructure last week, but a more enduring threat to the continent’s logistics resurfaced earlier this summer. Ukraine, a flashpoint for European proxy struggles since its independence, suffered its third major cyberattack in the last two years in June.... Read more »