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Abandon hope if you neglect cyber security

31 August 2017

Cyber Security

Europe’s Lucifer heatwave grabbed headlines for hampering infrastructure last week, but a more enduring threat to the continent’s logistics resurfaced earlier this summer. Ukraine, a flashpoint for European proxy struggles since its independence, suffered its third major cyberattack in the last two years in June.... Read more »

UK Pensions Market in Midst of Gale of Creative Destruction

12 July 2017

LB Jun 17:UK

With more than 10 million of the UK's population currently over 65, a figure forecast to reach 18.6 million by 2050, the pensions market is undergoing profound structural change in a bid to modernise the retirement savings framework and make it both fit for purpose and sustainable. ... Read more »

Bangladesh encourages investment in public-private partnership (PPP) projects

20 June 2017

NL_May 2017:Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a densely populated and poor country with an economy that depends largely on foreign aid and remittances from Bangladeshis working abroad, particularly in the Middle East and south-east Asia. According to the most recent official figures released in 2015, the non-life gross premiums were BDT 26.08bn (USD 334.62mn) which represented an increase of 6.72% over the previous year. ... Read more »

What next for PPACA?

17 May 2017

LB 3: US

The US is the largest market in the world for private medical insurance (PMI). This vast market is served by a broad range of providers including life and non-life (property and casualty/P&C) insurers and third party administrators (TPAs) including Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) organisations, HMOs and self-insured health plans. ... Read more »

Insurance Penetration Across Sub Saharan Africa

24 April 2017

Newsletter: Africa Tax Infographic

Axco takes a look at insurance penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa. The region is currently a oneof economic growth, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicting emerging markets and developing economies at the forefront of growth for 2017-18 at more than double the rate of advanced economies. ... Read more »