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A TACTical solution to the problem of an ever-increasing compliance burden

19 April 2017

Newsletter: TACT

Axco and Impendulo have combined their expertise in insurance regulation and insurance premium tax to launch 'TACT' (Tax and Compliance Tools), an innovative tax and compliance solution targeted at multinational insurers, risk managers and brokers.... Read more »

Axco launches new data service

03 April 2017


To adapt to changing market conditions and take advantage of opportunities, organisations need to be responsive in their decision making - often having limited time to make key strategic decisions. For an industry built on calculations, sourcing vital market and company data to support these decisions can be surprisingly difficult and time-consuming.... Read more »

What's next for Turkey?

01 March 2017

NL_Feb17: Turkey

As a large, rapidly developing country, Turkey has been an attractive target for investment. Infrastructure investments such as President Erdogan's $200 billion building spree on 'megaprojects' such as the Third Bridge and Eurasia Tunnel continue to drive economic growth and Turkey is forecast to be in the world's top 10 economies by 2023.... Read more »

A guide to IPT in East Asia

01 February 2017

Q1_17: Tax

As the growing trend of governments taxing insurance premiums shows no signs of stalling, Axco takes a look at the pressures of IPT and VAT on insurance premiums. ... Read more »

Barriers to providing insurance in emerging markets

01 February 2017

Major insurers are currently experiencing limited growth opportunities in the developed economies of North America and Western Europe. ... Read more »